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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Organic Counter Cleaner Homemade

Sometimes during food prep, whether just making a sandwich or preparing a gourmet meal, it's possible for some of the ingredients to come in touch with the kitchen countertop. Because of this it's important to use a 'safe' counter cleaner, one that doesn't leave a toxic footprint.

By following this simple and inexpensive recipe you can be assured that your countertops are not a toxic transfer station.

Only two ingredients are needed to make this terrific organic counter cleaner:

  1. White vinegar
  2. Orange peels


Designate a jar large enough to hold the peelings of several large oranges. If you don't have a jar large enough or attractive enough to meet your needs, visit your local thrift store where you can find one that quite possibly will surpass your expectations. Old fashion quart or gallon canning jars work nicely.

To begin, each time you or another member of  your household eats an orange, peel the skin from the orange and place the peel(s) into your chosen designated jar and cover completely with white vinegar. Continue doing so until your jar is completely filled with peels submerged in vinegar.

Soak the orange peels for two or more weeks before transferring the orange-infused vinegar into the spray bottle of your choice. To avoid confusion as to contents, it's best to write on the face of the spray bottle the ingredients within. Store any remainder liquid not fitting into your spray bottle into your designated jar for refill at a later date. Waiting the two-week infusion period is the hardest part.

To use you only need to spray and wipe.

Simple, user-friendly, inexpensive, eco-friendly and one step closer to becoming more self-sufficient.

Really? What are you waiting for. If you don't have oranges to pick from your yard, get to your grocery store soon and buy a bag of oranges.

Rid your home of toxicity, remember: