Kindness is essential in our daily lives.
I will share weekly a new post with a message of how powerful kindness really can be.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thirteen Caring women

I'd like to share a post that I read on another site crediting the kindness of 13 caring women:

We are a group of 13 retired ladies who meet once a month to discuss needs in the community. We each donate $20 and find ways to help others with this money. We do this without letting the recipient know who we are. We have helped a young single mother with stage 4 cancer, a single woman adopting a baby from Haiti, a homeless mother by paying for hotel for her and her 9 month old until she could get into a group home. There are many others we have helped in the 2 1/2 years since this group was formed. If there is no immediate need we know about at the time we meet we give the money to the chaplain at our local free health clinic and he doles out the funds, usually in $20 to $25 amounts, to help with gas, medicines etc. for patients at the clinic. We wish to remain anonymous but would love to get the information out so others might be inclined to form such a group. $20 is a small amount to give but it gives the recipient hope that others care. 

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