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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bella and Froggie = Precious Moments

Five year old Bella, grandchild number 7, misplaced her most huggable and best Froggie ever. Somehow poor Froggie drifted off to the wayside into a dark remote area where he wasn't seen for quite a long time.

Miraculously one day he courageously fought his way back into daylight and into Bella's heart once again. The joy and excitement expressed from such a young girl was overwhelming. They hugged each other and reaffirmed their love for one another.

But...Froggie was found to be a bit dishevelled. A few dust bunnies here, a few there; a few tears, a few rips - he needed a little TLC.

Almost unwillingly, Bella agreed to let Froggie visit G-ma's house (only 'cause she's a pretty good sewer) to stitch him up and get him back in good shape.

G-ma got him all stitched up but it was clear he needed a tubby.  Thinking a good soaking would be beneficial, a bubble bath was ordered. With all the comforts of home he was cleaned from head
 to toe.

After the bath Froggie started shouting:
"Hey, move over you two stinking dogs. I want to smell fresh when I meet back up with my Bella."

Froggie hung out in the bathroom to dry 'cause it's the warmest room in the house.

In the meantime he's just hanging around until he gets reunited with the love of his life, Bella.


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