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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Freezing corn for the winter

The fresh taste of corn from the cob can be a reality in the dreaded winter months. Eating it as a vegetable side dish or as the main ingredient of homemade corn chowder is an awaking of your taste buds.

Buying a dozen ears of corn at your local farm stand is usually less expensive than buying 4 or 5 ears at your favorite supermarket and probably much fresher; growing it yourself is better yet. Cook the entire dozen in a large kettle as you  normally would.

Simply by stripping the cooled corn from the cobs that were left from immediate consumption into a flat pan or bowl starts the process. The fastest and easiest way to do this is by using an electric knife.  Zip, Zip, all done! If you don't own an electric knife a serrated steak knife works. USE CAUTION.

The majority of the corn kernels stripped from the cob will be in long strips so it'll be necessary to break these up into smaller pieces. This is the time when you'll steal tastes (yum).

Using a large spoon fill whatever size freezer bag meets your needs for serving size. I use a quart size bag and weigh it with my scale for consistent contents. Make sure there is no air in the bag and then pat them flat for storing in your freezer one on top of the other. These are only suggestions. For a family of one, pint bags may work and if you have a small freezer it certainly isn't necessary to flatten the bag.

Once you've tasted your own frozen fresh garden corn it'll be hard to go back to store bought canned corn. Believe me, I haven't been doing this for 20 years for nothing!  Enjoy!

P.S.  It's usually cheaper to buy a whole bushel of corn so consider splitting the cost of the purchase with a friend or two and splitting the efforts too.  Good idea?

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