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Monday, March 7, 2011

How Much Snow is Too Much Snow (03/07/2011)

Driveway after plowing.
 Whooda thunk that our humongous 2500 Dodge hemi pickup (with a plow attached) could possibly get stuck alongside our driveway today. Is this giving you a clue to what kind of snowfall we had here in Syracuse New York and the surrounding area??? Having been a member of AAA for 33 years I gave them a call to be told the wait list could be up to 6 hours. I agreed with the representative that being stuck in our driveway with the comforts of home nearby is  much better than being out and about possibly stuck somewhere on the side of the highway. It wasn't much later that I got a call back from AAA letting me know service would now arrive within 2 hours. To my surprise they got here much sooner and within a very short time pulled the truck back onto the driveway. This is one service I'll probably have forever. The photo below shows what the driveway looked like before it got plowed.
Driveway before plowing.
A picture is worth a thousand words. To support this expression are some photos that I took today of my two small dogs trying to get around in the small area I shoveled for them to do their thing.  Libby Lu is a 22 lb Puggle (part Pug/part Beagle) and Ginger is a 13 lb Jug (part Jack Russell Terrier/part Pug) who share January 2009 as their birth month and year. When their daddy gets back from plowing he'll snow blow the usual paths around the back yard but in the meantime they'll have to make do with what I have provided them.
You gotta go when you gotta go and that's the fact!

Libby Lu doesn't know which way to turn.

Little bitty Ginger wants to take off but it won't happen here.
Way too much snow for the dogs and for me!

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