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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Planting Tomatoes in Non-Traditional Containers

Last summer family illness and emergencies kept me from planting our traditional garden but I was determined to grow tomatoes any way I could. After much searching through our cast-off junk I was able to drag out an old hot water tank that had already been cut in half and the basin from inside an old broken down washing machine (talk about resourceful). Placement was the next important step to make sure it got enough sun, was close enough to an outdoor water supply and close enough to the house to make it easy for the tending gardener (me). After setting up both containers and stabilizing them we filled them with bags of amended soil we bought at our local feed store. I then bought four of the larger tomato plants which are more widely described as 'patio tomato plants.' Because they are planted in a container and not in the ground it's most important that they are watered daily - preferably early in the morning. Alongside and around the tomato plants I inserted small basil plants; what a great combination. I planted one of the patio tomato plants in a vintage Radio Flyer red wagon with high wooden trim..and this also provided an abundance of delicious ripe tomatoes. Since the wagon had wheels it was a plus to be able to move the wagon during the day to be placed in a bright sunny location. Non-traditionally I had a crop of traditional home-grown tomatoes which satisfied my needs for picking from the garden.

Tomatoes growing in an old hot water tank that was cut in half.

A vintage Radio Flyer red wagon and old basin from inside of an old washing
machine both sporting a 210 tomato plant.

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