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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Chicken Laid a Big One

the picture didn't come out very good
One of the girls in the hen house gave me a welcoming surprise this morning. She put forth great effort and produced a ginormous egg. Now I'm not bragging, but our chicks lay Xtra large eggs on a regular basis; it's not unusual that the egg carton won't close. I can only categorize the egg laid today as XXtra large - a whopper. Too excited to overlook it I decided to take it to the kitchen for a fresh-as-can-be breakfast treat.

 I was once again surprised when I cracked the egg into the frying pan only to find out it didn't have a double yolk.  That darn egg hit that hot frying pan and swelled up like small balloons; never saw anything like it. The husband ate it and loved it as he likes the white more than the yolk. It would have been mine if it had a double yoke as I like the yolk more than the white. There wouldn't have been a fight - there's more where this came from.

But the real surprise was on the chickens. Thinking that they may be chilled from the freezing temperatures of the night, (instead of taking them a bowl of warm milk) I made them a bowl of hot instant oatmeal to nibble on for their breakfast along with their chicken feed. They all ever so gently gathered around that stainless steel bowl and picked at it like sophisticated ladies until it was clean as a whistle. As I gathered the eggs and left their coop they were all still picking it. I didn't have the heart to tell them it was empty.

This chick mom most graciously appreciates their fine egg-laying efforts and will continue to reward them as she sees fit. If a happy chick means a ginormous egg, you can bet I'll do my best to keep them happy (and healthy)!

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